Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Subtle whites

Let's start off this Tuesday with something soft and understated. Like whites, beiges, comfy sofas and diffused sunlight. Not the boring, stark whites but those with a more refined and eclectic touch, with beautifully stated frames on walls and an organic mix of styles and materials to subtly awaken the senses.

Image credits:
1.Visi (photo by Greg Cox), 2.Adela Cabre, 3.Yabu Pushelberg


  1. i like white ceilings. and floors - but with two small kids ... maybe not ; )

  2. I don't like the paintings, but I adore that white living room!!!

  3. I like the different shades of white in these rooms and the mix of accessories. These rooms are very understated and have calm overtones to them. I love them!


  4. You really found good one here... Love the first image!


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