Let Go

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Although, I not enthusiastic about the overwhelming decoration of the place, I'm in love with that huge Let Go (such an inspiring moto that is) illustration behind the sofa. Does anyone, by any chance, happen to know who's is it and where I can find one?
Btw, how is your weekend going on so far? I've heard that you overseas friends have a hole three day off, am I right? Oh, lucky you =)

Image by Kim Alexandriuk.
7 comments on "Let Go"
  1. Not our case!!! Normal weekend down here!!! Oh and I have no idea who is the author of that sign.

  2. The image is by artist Barbara Kruger -Untitled (Let Go). And if you enjoy her work, you might also be interested in Jenny Holzer.


  3. That poster is fabulous; just imagine how dull the space would be if that poster wasn't there! I like the rug though ;-)

  4. Thanks JK!
    Really interesting work Barbara does and thanks for pointing out Jenny Holzer, she's really something! xoxo

  5. Just noticed this posting. Realize I am a little late to the party. Are you serious about wanting the image? Just so happen to have one that image which I would be willing to sell.

  6. Thank you Roy but, as much as I'd love to have that image, I'm afraid I'm on a tight budget on the moment..

  7. No problem. If you are ever in LA I would be happy to show you the piece, always assuming I have not sold it in the meantime. As you might have realized this piece is about control and is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. in case it might have appealed to you for the same reason here is another wonderful poem that has helped me work through some of my control issues;
    He who bindeth himself to a joy the winged life doeth destroy.
    Who he kisses joy as it flies lives in eternity's sun rise. William Blake.
    Take care.