Oh, that kitchen..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now, here is a post dedicated to the most neglected room of the house this summer. To be honest, kitchen was, is and forever will be my fave corner of the house, where I'd be happy to do many more things than just cook and eat (and wash the dishes, that is..). Unfortunately, the apartment where I live at the moment has a so tiny, tiny kitchen with no table in it and just enough daylight only to tell if it's day or night, that it isn't really a pleasure to spend time in there at all. Given the fact that a kitchen can become a very hot place while cooking, I admit I spent very little time cooking the last few months. I keep dreaming of my ideal kitchen in my perfect future home, with lots of free space, cabinetry and countertops, an extra large dinning table and ample, bright sunlight. Oh, and a large window with an amazing view to the nature would definitely fit the description!

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3 comments on "Oh, that kitchen.."
  1. I agree with your description of the perfect kitchen. Kitchen is a creative corner and should be inspiring, beautiful and simple. I love the first picture of this post.

  2. LOVE this kitchen. I love all the storage and the huge wooden table!

  3. Very perfect designing kitchen. I remember that , everyone will like it.