Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello hello from sunny Crete! After a few days away from modern civilization and plenty of lazy hours spend in slow motion along with friends and family (and far far away from any sort of technologies) I'm back to the city- at least until the next getaway. I have to admit I really missed you and my little blog and I'm so flattered to come and find all your kind emails and comments awaiting for me =)
I'm sharing with you a sweet warming up with a few hay and ochre palettes, like the fields that kept me company those last days! 

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3 comments on "Hays"
  1. I love the big, airy and white living rooms, I think they are the best option. I imagined myself in an open studio upstairs. Welcome back!

  2. I love the first photo. The framed picture in the background is gorgeous!


  3. simply beautiful

    good to have you back ;-)