A windmill hotel in Kimolos island

Friday, July 1, 2011

This can be the place I can rest my bewildered mind for a while. A boutique hotel in a boutique island in the Cyclades. Not very crowded nor very cosmopolitan, Kimolos seems like a dream destination and this old, renovated windmill to be the perfect sanctuary. Just imagining myself having breakfast over this breathtaking view and chilling out in its so Aegean, white and curvy rooms. A pause from all the sore images that have been bombarding us these days.

Images via The Windmill.
7 comments on "A windmill hotel in Kimolos island"
  1. This looks divine!

    And those images are sore indeed. I haven't been watching or reading the news lately but I knew that something was going on.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. aah poso poly thelo na erthei to kalokairi (to kanoniko oxi auto pou exo ego edo) :)

  3. Such a beautiful property and those views are amazing!!!

  4. wow thats beautiful, I wanna go there... I haven't been in a vacation for years and now I wanna go there


  5. Stunning! Simply Stunning! I wanna have a vacation, right now :)

  6. WOOOWWWW I would love to spend the night in thia lovely hotel. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Kind regards from Argentina.