Friday, July 29, 2011


Can please someone explain to me how some people are capable of starting a fire in the woods and still be able to even sleep at night? There is a huge fire going on in the south part of Crete destroying the fields and the olive trees I mostly love in this world. I feel so sad and frustrated and deeply confused about the evil parts of human beings. I might sound naive but I can't get it; how can one destroy his body and his lungs even for the greatest profit in the world? It just doesn't make any sense..

Image by Marco Suarez.


  1. molis to diavasa stin kathimerini... i hope this is going to stop before it is too late. den to katalavainei kaneis mas afto Eleni

  2. Eleni,
    I'm very sorry to hear this! I think that without God's help people can make some very bad mistakes!
    I hope that the fires can be stopped soon and that the trees can be planted fresh. I am sorry for the loss.

  3. Δεν ειναι ευκολο να μαθουμε γιατι υπαρχουν εμπρηστες !!
    ομως πιστευω οτι πρεπει να μαθουμε γιατι δεν τους βρισκουν και να τους τιμωρησουν παραδειγματικα
    γιατι γιατι


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