Friday, July 1, 2011

Stone 'n' Stitch

Whenever I'm next to a shore I spend long time collecting pebbles and small stones, observing them, admiring all those colors and shapes they take and imagining the crafty things I can do with them. Like these amazing creations made by Renee of Stitch Happens. Well, I'm still on basics (you know, some painting on them or drilling a small hole to use the as pendants) and just feeling awe of these complex and delicate crochets that these stones have been wrapped up with. You have to visit her etsy shop to see even more of her stunning work! I, myself, can't really have enough of them.

Images via Stitch Happens.


  1. These are so endearing. I could just picture a grouping on a console.

  2. this shop is one of my fav!

  3. My sister have me one of these for Christmas, and I just adore it! Haded ut to collect some beach stones of my favorite things to do while on vacation on the coast of Maine.

    Happy Weekend!


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