Thursday, July 28, 2011

Metohi Kindelis in Chania

One can never be in peace when there is an internet connection around and all those little temptations right in front of his eyes. Like this centuries old, renovated farmhouse in Chania, Crete, only a few hours away from my noisy office. I simply love its rustic atmosphere, the Cretan aesthetics that form the building and its surroundings, the large and well-protected patio with the most amazing pebble floor, the old well and the abundant vegetation that blossoms around the whole place. Oh, and that archaic mint bathroom with the arched ceiling isn't just a masterpiece? Checking its availability asap! 

Images via Metohi Kindelis.


  1. How about visiting Noirmoutier first and then Chania? Or should we reverse the order? Enjoy your day ;-)

  2. so beautiful, Chania is wonderful, have been a couple of times and loved it!!

  3. What a beautiful spot. Thank you for introducing it to me.

  4. Chania is simply amazing! Thank you for sharing this address, Eleni!
    Sara (Rome)

  5. Υπεροχα Χανια !!!!! πριν δυο χρονια ημουν εκει απιθανο μερος.


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