Monday, July 11, 2011

Matala beach in Crete

These are some shots I took from yesterday's excursion. We drove to the south to visit the Matala beach, famous for it's natural rock caves, once used by the hippies as a shelter during their flower revolution back in the 60ies. After swimming into the crystal waters and enjoying cool raki over at a friend's cafe we continued our trip to Komos beach, just a few kilometers away only to catch the sun set behind the mountain horizon over the sea. The scene was beyond description, I wish I were a better photographer to pass over just a tiny taste of it. Spending time by the sea can prove to be the best anti-depressant ever. Summer I love you!

Images by me.


  1. These are beautiful! I would love to go to Greece again, especially to Crete. :)

  2. Hy Eleni,
    I wrote you an Email some days ago.
    I am Sara and I live in Rome, Italy.
    I love your blog and ... I love Crete! My husband and I spent fantastic days there, also in Matala and Komos beach! This summer we are coming back in August...
    Looking at these amazing pics made me think that I would jump in an aeroplane to reach your wonderful island.
    Hugs from Rome


  3. I cannot get enough of the Greek scenery. Why on earth have I not visited Greece yet?!!

  4. I want to walk on those beaches and swim in those waters!!!

  5. Merhaba. Rakı=Türkiye ;) Bekleriz.


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