Saturday, July 9, 2011

Into the mountains

The other day, while taking a long stroll with my man into the mountains near his home, we came across this hidden and really old church. It is actually built on the mountain, inside a natural, hollow cave, so sacred and safe. Although, I'm not a religious person I love to feel the energy that emerges from such places and believe me, I got the chills when I was in there. The good thing about these churches (so many of them can be found all around Crete) is that they are well-hidden and usually need to be accessed by foot thus, kept well protected by the harsh manners of 'civilization'. They still have some wild goats to keep them company whatsoever.

Images by me.


  1. That is an amazing location ~ so secluded and yet open to any wanderers.

  2. This is so interesting, but I'm wondering: Does anyone live nearby? Is there a priest? How is it maintained? Are services held there? Such a mystery to me!

  3. Yes, Carla there are houses in walking distance. The priest should go there only for service when the saint of the church is celebrated (I don't know when that happens!). As for maintenance, I guess the priest does it along with some followers.

  4. What a lovely little church, I am orthodox and our russian little churches look the same!


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