Friday, July 22, 2011

High and open

I love high ceilings and that feeling of ampleness they create. Which is profoundly emphasized when there is a glass wall in the room. Like the examples above. Such a majestic atmosphere! And the more I like them the more I have doubts about using them. Seriously, how easy it is to keep those extra large windows clean and spotless and how hot will such a place be considering the temperatures here in Greece during summertime? 

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  1. Bonjour du Québec! Nice photos. I love high ceillings and glass wall. Unfortunatly, they often mean acoustic difficulties for the room.

  2. high ceilings is just wonderful! but houses like thais one is for people who can afford someone to clean their windows ; )

  3. expensive to heat in winter too. love your blog.

  4. High ceilings offers more cool air circulate inside the house. Living rooms are the most common place to have this type of design. Its quite expensive but the feeling of having it is very rewarding.

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  5. I always wanted to have a ceiling in my house which is really high. I actually find it unique in some ways.

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  6. High ceilings are actually better. The ambiance and atmosphere in houses with high ceilings are very different from other houses with low ceilings.

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