Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Grey kitchen storage

Grey but different. Open shelving or country style cabinets? I find it hard to choose between these two, but I'd probably end up with the closed ones. Which one would you go for?

Image credits:
1.Red online, 2.Atlanta Homes (via greige)


  1. Definitely the country style shelves catch my attention way more than the China cabinet does. I love all the ceramic mugs and the little teapot on those shelves too.

  2. Oh I absolutely LOVE this! Gorgeous!!

  3. This kitchen storage idea is perfect. I like what you have in your kitchen. The storage system is also excellent. You did great in making your kitchen stylish without compromising its purposes.

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  4. I would go for the closed ones. But sometimes it depends on your location. If you have a bigger location then I think closed ones is better. And also if your house is very near at the main street of your place, you will just end up cleaning your stuff everyday! Thanks for sharing!
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