Thursday, July 14, 2011

Country style

How inspiring can the simplicity of the rural aesthetics prove to be? With no vague decorations or profound expressions, in an utter harmony with the environment and a modest respect to nature, country style interiors meet the most of the deepest human needs.

Images via Côté Sud (found via aesthetically thinking).


  1. plain bauty- atmospherical and so peaceful

  2. ομορφη και δροσερη αυλη !!
    μου αρεσουν πολυ οι καρεκλες

  3. Ah, what a gorgeous spot! I love the inside walls!

  4. Okay, so I keep hitting your photos on dwellinggawker.....which means we have the same taste! I like your blog :)

  5. me too! I am truly enjoying your sources of inspiration!


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