Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today is one of these Sundays I mostly enjoy. Having been out and about the whole week, staying at home while leaving the rest of the city finding some coolness next to a shore, gives me the ultimate peace of mind and quietness to focus on my to do lists and catch up with all the things I put in pause the last days. Hopefully, that will buy me some free time during the next days for some midweek beach excursion into the southern parts of Crete. How is your Sunday so far?

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3 comments on "Sunday"
  1. those are absolutely delicious as always, loooove them!

    Have a fab Sunday,

  2. well, it has stopped raining here at least!!! i am working in my garden trying to get reed of some weeds. its lovely. now my coffee break is over... running out at once before it starts raining again... enjoy the beach Eleni : ) love from norway

  3. Today I had lunch in my parent's house in the country. Then I went to pick up some wild strawberries. Tonight a little stroll in town centre with a good ice cream..
    Nice sunday even for me! ;)