Friday, June 17, 2011

Join me at a..

1.chair, 2.garland, 3.jug, 4.ottoman, 5.napkin, 6.candles, 7.vase, 8.hydrangea tray, 9.pillow


  1. love it! the think is that such an atmosphare can be created without using t much money. love it!

  2. exactly my mood today... under the deep black & rainy sky from North of France... and I bought the same napkin last days!!

  3. Anytime! We could have such a fun time.... LOVE the pink Tolix :)

  4. This is one of my favorite collections you've done. I want that Chain Stitch pillow. Cute!

  5. lovely decor, great friends a good wine..

  6. Love what you did here. Taking a photo and styling everything to go with it. Lovely. xx's


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