Rosemary and thyme

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just so in love with the mediterranean architecture, the sun-protected indoors, the rough surfaces holding only the bare essentials, the levels and the organic, functional forms of the exteriors and the breathtaking smell of rosemary and thyme. This feels exactly like home.

Image credits:
1.Caroline Arber, 2.Roger Davies
4 comments on "Rosemary and thyme"
  1. lovely photos.... enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. I love rosemary and thyme. Clipping some and bringing it indoors for a simple bouquet that smells wonderful or in urns outside the main entrance for a beautiful and aromatic plant.


  3. poly omorfo !!!
    καλη βδομαδα

  4. My in-laws in Spain have a huge rosemary bush in their yard. Whenever I visit I tell myself I am going to try and grow it someday...