Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simply white

Owing a total white room can prove to be quite a challenge. Imagine having to find white accessories to blend in or , in case you can't, be competent enough to find enough white storage solutions to keep you colorful items out of sight. Not to mention the cleaning process (and how often it should be done). Nonetheless, white spaces look quite impressive, pure, serene and fresh, thus, definitely worth a try. What do you think? Would you dare go white in your place?

1.candle holder, 2.pendant, 3.lamp, 4.wastebasket, 5.ferris wheel, 6.bottles
Image credits:
1.Jerome Galland, 2.Bobby Fisher, 3.Sandra Aslasken, 4.Trine Thorsen, 5.Dave Coote Design


  1. A completely white room would certainly be one way to control clutter, because any junk mail or clothing left lying around would stick out like a sore thumb! For that reason, I don't think it's very practical. Pretty, though.

  2. I am a faithful lover of the all white room :) White storage solutions are definitely the way to go, and the white on white gives you the opportunity to also play with texture maybe in a way you hadn't originally thought of! And a little extra tidying is always worth (to me) coming home to a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary - in this season of my life at least!


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