Monday, April 25, 2011

The return

It is amazing how quickly time passes by and how the Easter days are now becoming a pleasant memory, while warmer, summer feeling days are taking up their role in the order of life. Back to my love-to-hate ground floor, town apartment, I feel it's high time I did the usual farewell ritual to the pre-Easter winter days; cleaning up the house, putting away those woolen sweaters and coats and filling the vases with fresh, smelling spring flowers. May is only a few days away and I would love to welcome him with a hug full of blossoms!
How was your Easter? Did you have enough of joy, laughter and treats? Hope your returning to everyday life is smooth and promising. xo

Image credits:
1.Dominique Vorillon, 2.Fernando Lombardi, 3.Villa Saint Louis, 4.Peter Marino Architects

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  1. Dear Eleni,

    it's good to hear your getting back routine – it sounds lovely! My Easter is not yet over since I am going home tomorrow noon, but it was really relaxed with my parents and my sister – we laughed a lot, I did a bit of sewing and got my first sunburn. In conclusion: perfect! ;)

    Hope to see or read from your new spring flowers!
    Yours, Theresa


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