Morning bird

Friday, April 15, 2011

People say that the early bird catches the warm but these spring mornings can prove to be rather chilly. Somehow my body felt rejuvenated enough after only a few hours of sleep and here I am, eyes wide open, to start off an early Friday. To tell you the truth, waking up along with the sunrise is something I'd love to get used to (when I grow up, that is ;) but this doesn't seem plausible for the time being. So now I simply enjoy this opportunity and wish you all a happy happy Friday!

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4 comments on "Morning bird"
  1. Wow! I like to have my room to be like this, Thanks for sharing.

  2. well... you had me at Hello... That first image is GREAT!!

    Northern Light

  3. Such beautiful images to start the day with! I would love for my room to be that fresh and bright looking!

  4. I like the second picture. The white with the blue makes for a crisp, clean look. It doesn't hurt that blue is my favorite color!