Monday, April 11, 2011

Get inspired..

... and add a handy light blue, cottage style shelf in your kitchen.

1.TRwoodworks, 2.OldNewAgain
Image via Red online.


  1. hi there just found your blog and noticed that you had a Ramsign give away at the beginning of the year, just thought that your readers might be interested in knowing that I currently have the same give away currently running on my blog, here's the link of

    hope this is useful to your readers.

    happy blogging:)

  2. love your blog --- just noticed that there is no next option at the bottom of the page and i m dying to see more of your inspirations!

  3. Thanks k8linx for the notice! It seems that the prvevious/next buttons appear and hide at their own free will.. I'll find a way to fix this asap!


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