Passing by

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Corridors can easily be mislead to be a wasted and unused space of a house. Although it's not a place to spend time rather than just serve as a passing by area, they too deserve to be styled and decorated according to the rest of the house. Extra luxury and elegance or simple and easy going, corridors act like the connection elements of a place and thus the interior design cannot feel utter and completed without them.

Image credits:
1.Jerome Galland, 2.KLM Design (photo by Mikkel Adsbøl)
3 comments on "Passing by"
  1. ooh what lovely inspiration...I just adore those pretty hanging lamps in the first picture, so gorgoeus!

  2. such a lovely blog! I live in Italy and I love design and art. My favourite company is Sige Gold, do you already know it? Its design is amazing!

  3. If we have a narrow corridor, you can make a glass wall in some department of the house to give to the hallway and you have done it greatly. It increases the visual space making the house look bigger with a touch of distinction.