Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Outdoor bliss

Well, deep down I have this feeling that if I keep posting images of outdoor sunshine and calmness the rain will somehow stop. We are so close to warmer days and I know these are the last ones of winter mood (at least here in Crete) but I'm running out of patience. Hopefully these photos will do the trick and I'll wake up to a clear sky tomorrow! xo

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  1. So pretty! A week there and I'd be all set!

    The Cheeky Cafe

  2. wowwww.....need holidays there!!!!!

  3. Hello Eleni!
    So many beautiful and inspiring things I found on your blog! Thank You!
    You are so lucky to live on Crete! I still remember the smell of thyme during spring there….

  4. Ah... so pretty... I can't choose between first one and the last one ;))) Beautiful. Thank you, Eleni ;))))

  5. Oh my! I love them all. They make me dream of summer.
    Hugs, Nina

  6. I hope your trick works. Spring has arrived, but apparently Mother Nature did not get the memo--it may snow in my city today.


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