Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mystique Hotel in Oia

Weekend getaway: Mystique Hotel in Oia. Just a few hours away from Crete, it seems like I can reach out my hand and feel the softness and plasticity of the walls. The bright sun is reflecting on the extra white walls, multiplying its desired warmth. Deep blues and golden hues mix together to form a unique environment to host such a beauty. Would you join me?

Images via Mystique Hotel.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful, what a great first-post to view this morning !! Looks very organic and cavelike, cool and serene, tx for sharing!

  2. Hey Eleni...I stayed here for part of my honeymoon. It's an awesome hotel and all the people who work here are so friendly and welcoming which is nice especially after a very long flight from the states! Loved our champagne toast upon arrival;-)


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