March reds

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good day, first day of the oh-so-awaited March! No matter how desperately I wanted this month to come, the sky still wears his winter face. Not to be churlish, though, I managed to catch some sun rays earlier this morning. Let's be positive, winter days are soon to be over and I can already smell the energy blast that will emerge from the first spring sun. 
Have a great March my friends! xo

Image credits:
1.Miranda Jones, casa
4 comments on "March reds"
  1. the bouquet is gorgeous..full of hope for the spring that is coming!!!! xoxo

  2. Those flowers are incredible ~ such rich colours and textures.

    For us in Melbourne, March means the last days of summer, which is a beautiful nostalgic time of the year.

  3. snifff!!
    Eleni, these two days are considered my trip to feverland!!! It's my turn now, although March is bringing these fantastic flowers along with lots of rain here in Athens!
    snifff!gooood rainy-spring day !!!!!!!!!

  4. love the library...and the red is gorgeous. yes, i have spring fever. i should adjust my expectations, however, since i live in chicago. we are not out of the 'winter woods' yet.