Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's go outside

First day of the so desired spring and it hasn't stop raining a single minute! I'm browsing through my inspiration folders to dream over delicious outdoors, cool nooks to lay around or inviting pools for the first spring splashes. Here are a few glimpses of pure inspiration, enjoy!

Image credits:
1.UXUA Hotel by Fernando Lombardi, 2.Nicolas Matheus (via french by design), 3.Laure Joliet, 4.Sunset


  1. beautiful outside spaces. wishing you a sunny new week

  2. Gorgeous spaces. Isn't spring the best season! New growth, green luscious grass and colorful splashes of color with flowers.

  3. amazing outdoors!!!! hope you had a nice weekend!!!!

  4. ε οπου ναναι !!!!!!!!!

  5. You make us mind travel again... I am sure spring feels better down there. Do you know any landscape decorators in Athens for my balcony by the way?

  6. @mayo maria: Thanks sweetie! Unfortunately the rain hasn't stop yet even in 'african' crete..
    Check doxiadis+ for landscape projects! These guys rock!


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