Subtle and elegant

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I simply can't resist to spaces that look so subtle and elegant.. is it the simplicity of the decor, the clear, natural colors that are impeccably playing with the ample sunlight or the magnificent work of the photographers (who, as we all know too well, have the ability to transform even the most ordinary of the places into lustful dreamworlds)?

Image credits:
1.La Réserve, Paris (via design hotels), 2.Ditte Isager, 3.Emily Gilbert
3 comments on "Subtle and elegant"
  1. Each of your examples have fabulous symmetry. I would like to explore around those stairs too!

  2. Can never (ever!) resist the subtly luxury of black, white + gold!

  3. Oh wow, that stairway kills me. I think I might be drooling..