Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring dreaming

Bright spaces, purples and mints, cozy surroundings, soft materials and flowers, many flowers. What better way than this to bring spring a little bit closer? Hope the rain will stop soon though.. I've missed a stroll out in the sun!

Image credits:
1.Andy Liffner, 2.Ellen Silverman, 3.Simon Brown, 4.Nicolas Matheus (via french by design)


  1. We were just starting to see grass when we got hit with more snow last weekend. But getting small glimpses again - can't wait for warmer weather and flowers peeking through. Adore that beautiful first eclectic image!!

  2. I just love the way the furniture is arranged in that first living room - stunning. I would love to find a daybed like that! Love all of the images!

  3. ahhhh, so pretty! especially that chandelier.

  4. Beautiful...particularly the first image.

  5. I'm calling that first living room mine!

  6. These images are gorgeous - I simply am in love with lavender. We are getting rain here today, but I must say that is one of the things I adore about spring especially due to what it creates. I hope you are well Eleni. Have a lovely Thursday. :)


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