Spot the difference: The White House bathroom

Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, to be more specific, this White House is a 19th century guest house in Daylesford, Australia, renovated by interiors stylist Lyn Gardener of Empire Vintage. Once again, the different eyes of the photographers provides us with two variables of the same bathroom in the cottage. A vintage, warm and nostalgic ambience in the first photo, shot by Tim James and the rather strict and clean-cut look of Mikkel Vang in the second one. So, which one applies to you most?
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Image credits:
1.Time James (via Remodelista), 2.Mikkel Vang
4 comments on "Spot the difference: The White House bathroom"
  1. such a great change!!!!! love it!!! happy valentine day!!!!xoxo

  2. Loving this series! They are really amazingly different ~ quite astonishing how the photographic style can have create such a radically different ambience. Both are appealing, but for me the crisp, slightly sinister, version by Mikkel Vang makes me look twice.
    If I were wanting to rent the house though, which is what the White House is {in a charming part of Australia, actually} then I would be drawn to the Tim James version.

  3. I have to say that I am drawn to the Mikkel Vang room but both are lovely.