Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ryad Sharai in Marrakesh

Every time I come across images of Ryads (remember this one) in Morocco I can't help myself but travel (daydream to be more specific). While the sky here is dark and cloudy, my heart wanders around the bright nooks of the Ryad Sharai, playing with the sun rays and the bold colors, strolling around the arcades or just laying on the pillows. 
Have you noticed the literality of the W.C. (i.e. Water Closet) in the fifth image?

Image credits:
Photography by Verne via OWI.

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  1. Hi Eleni, I've discovered you via another blog who gave you photo credit. Love what you're doing with your site, I'm following. Come on over to see me, we have a giveaway (necklace) going. If you don't mind I'm going to add you to my sidebar and tell my readers about YOU! xo's from Houston, Texas...Marsha


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