Friday, February 18, 2011

Reckless moments

Being in summer mood today; I know, it's still far away.. but with the February sun smiling down at me I can't help it. Perhaps now it's time for all those worries of mine to fly away and leave me, like a trusting little girl, playing and laughing and dancing, embracing the prosperity of the present and nothing more.
Have a good day! xoxo

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  1. Oh, that first photo is just calling my name! if i was not a few thousand miles away from you, i'd say let's get together for a "apero", I'll bring the chilled wine and the olives! ;-) Happy week end to you Eleni!

  2. Wow, that patio is AMAZING!


  3. αυτα ειναι υπνοδωματια χοχοοχ


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