Black&white chic

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black and white seems to be an extra chic color combination (bringing to memory all those b&w Chanel suits) to choose for your abode. Check, for instance, how elegant and stylish these kitchens look while using white as the main cabinetry color and black for the fittings, countertops, tiles and other basic elements (isn't that blackboard wall in the last image just gorgeous?). Simplicity rules!
B&W inspiration continues here and here.

Image credits:
1.Jennifer Worts, 2.Atlanta Homes (via design labyrinth), 3.Kvanum, 4.Schappacher White
6 comments on "Black&white chic"
  1. I completely agree that simplicity is always best, great images!

  2. hey ther!!! love so much the windows on the second one!!!! such a great share...

  3. I'd not say no to that second kitchen!

  4. LOVE the white cabinets with black hardware, so chic! xoxo Laura

  5. Hi Can you tell me who makes the glass pendants in the pic above. Thanks so much! Jaime

    1. I hate to disappoint you but I don't know the answer to your question.