Spot the difference: working space

Monday, January 24, 2011

Working from home proves to be a rather convenient situation, especially on those cold, winter Mondays following a relaxing weekend, when the last thing you want to to is leave the warmth of your place. That, of course, implies that you own a spare room suitable to host your business responsibilities, where you can isolate from the rest of the house (and the family, that is) and work in privacy. 
Here is some Monday office inspiration, shot by two different photographers. I actually prefer the first photo, only because of its abundant sunlight and its warmer color tones. Go on, see if you can tell the other differences between these images!

Image credits:
1.Style at Home (via Lilac Silhouette), 2.Grinton photography
7 comments on "Spot the difference: working space"
  1. the lampshade,
    the sewing bust,
    the statue next to the globe,
    the rug,
    the foot,
    the box on the bottom shelf
    and the extra shelf
    and the end of the shelves
    plus the name on the type writer

    amazing how many small changes

  2. also the chair , lol

    I need to stop looking now :)

  3. both great spaces, but i agree i like the first one the best :)

  4. I agree on the first image, it looks warmer. It was fun spotting the differences ;-)

  5. I totally agree and would love so much to have a space like this to work from!

  6. the table top looks like it's different too smaller, different finish?...amazing how light affects the feeling. the first one is my fave.

  7. The easel and globe are different too.