Let the sunshine in

Monday, January 31, 2011

I love how these living rooms dress up in pink shades as the sunshine strokes gently their soft and delicate interiors. Although the weather in Crete stays cold and cloudy, I find these rooms as the perfect inspiration to start off a new week!

Image credits:
1.Elle Decor, 2.Melanie Avecedo, 3.Morten Hotlum (via La Dolce Vita)
5 comments on "Let the sunshine in"
  1. I love the metallic touches here, too -- if only we were getting some sunlight! Have a lovely Monday. :)

  2. Beautiful images. You always have the best images. Looks like a slice of heaven.

  3. beautiful!


  4. telos...kataligw sto oti exw 8ema sovaro...
    giati afou mou aresoun polu auta ta wraia pal kai fwtina xrwmata, panta sto telos agorazw xrwmatika entona antikimena?