De-urbanization (or how the warm Cretan sun blew my mind)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is when I stay far from the city for a day or two that I realize how much I miss living in the countryside. As I have mentioned before, I live in a ground floor, downtown apartment  with no terrace or balconies whatsoever, thus the first sounds I hear when I wake up are, in best occasions, the cars passing by (I don't even want to start about what I see when I wake up- and that is definitely not the bright, Cretan sun). Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to spend more time outdoors and  visit the city just when needed (or desired). Thankfully, the internet nowadays can fill up many of the necessities not to be found out of the city once (thank god for etsy!) and bring some of its qualities back to the nature (music, movies, news and networking to mention some). I most certainly love this mix&match and definitely looking forward to it!

3 comments on "De-urbanization (or how the warm Cretan sun blew my mind)"
  1. All you need to go along with the Cretan sun and that countryside is a little Raki. Salut.

  2. What I wouldn't give to be sitting in that chair and gazing at the ocean right gorgeous.

  3. there are absolutely gorgeous, what a dream! i know that feeling of being wrapped up in city life all too well- especially NYC city life - and yearning for a country escape, i hope you find it soon and in the meantime, enjoy the outdoor spaces the city has to offer when you can! its all that keeps us city dwellers sane! grazi for the pics!!