Concrete kitchen

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you ever considered to use rough concrete as a kitchen countertop? Concrete can be cold and hard as a material but the fact that it can actually take any shape as it can be poured to a mold of your choise plus its affordable price are definitely to its advantage. The result can vary from minimalistic contemporary to country style, rustic and this is up to you. Hope you were a bit inspired by the above photos! xo

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11 comments on "Concrete kitchen"
  1. Yes! I'm inspired. I love concrete. Maybe you could already guess that :p?!

    Have a fantastic Monday. Love your posts lately. Keep them coming :)

    1. Where do you get the burners for the stove poured into the countertop? I can't seem to find them anywhere other than the Netherlands!

    2. Check out this Chelsea :)
      Hope you find what you're looking for!

  2. Never thought of that but now I definitely will consider it. I have been over the granite countertop thing for a LONG time.

  3. Fabulous collection to prove your point that concrete counters are sensational! So tactile ~ and wonderful variation of tones within the grey.

  4. Concrete is such a versatile material and exudes a warmth that is unmatched. Love this post!

  5. Totally agree. It opens up a variety design possibilities and you can add color to it.

  6. I am very impressed with the design and aesthetics of this kitchen. Great to say that the concrete has made a huge impact for the theme.

  7. Hi Eleni!
    On Pinterest I've seen your concrete kitchen ... I like the way you designed the single built-in gas nozzles.
    I am renovating my kitchen and am looking for such a nozzle. Can you tell me where to get such nozzles?
    Thanks and take care, Barbara

  8. Hi Barbara,
    oh I wish this were my kitchen ;)
    Anyway, you can check on PITT cooking ( They seem to make similar hobs that can be mounted on any surface.
    Good luck on your renovation!