Thursday, December 23, 2010

Can anyone please explain to me how come the last days before Christmas (and by extension the first days of holidays) to be over the top busy and filled with chores and responsibilities? It is the same thing every year, I should have known by now and not complain, as all work gets into a pause all of a sudden at the most appropriate moment and jingle bells start to sound harmoniously into my brain along with Christmas cookies and presents. So patience, my friend, the key to a peaceful mind..

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3 comments on "Platinum"
  1. It cannot be helped, I think, no matter how much you try. But I think the scurrying about is part of what makes it a holiday and not just another Saturday. Wishing you a merry one.

  2. Tell me about it....

    Merry Christams , by the way!
    Love especially the last picture!

  3. u r not alone christmas days=busy days! soo welcome to the club. i am working on saturday too :(