Color inspiration: Purple

Monday, December 6, 2010

There are not many colors that combine masculine and feminine characteristics so effortlessly. Purple has the ability to bring the warmth in a room without making it look girlie or giddy. I love the endless possibilities it provides, use shiny, golden and vintage furnishings and ornaments for a more glam style or rough, dark wood and soft, muted fabrics for a more down to earth, cozy atmosphere.

Image credits:
1.David Tsay, 2.The Brookly Home Company, 3.Max Attenborough (found via 79ideas), 4.Schöner Wohnen
2 comments on "Color inspiration: Purple"
  1. as a little girl I was so obsessed with the color, I kissed anything purple {really!} ... as a grown up designer, I know it can be a tricky color to pull off, lest it look too 80s-icky or cold. but when done right, as you show it--and especially in that spectacular first photo{kiss kiss!}--it can be fabulous.

  2. Those purple walls are so lovely. I am so happy i found your blog via Global Atelier!

    Have a lovely week! :)