Saturday, August 7, 2010

An old house in Girona, Spain

When I came across this rural house in delight by design I couldn't help myself but share it with you. Situated in Girona, Spain, this old renovated house is the child of Bangolo Architects in collaboration with its owners. Look at the pebble floor, isn't it fantastic? And how the bathroom is divided into almost theatrical cabins?  Very inspirational work! Images via Nuevo Estilo.

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  1. Wow -- what a home! I am so glad that you took us through... there are so many amazing details to love, starting with the outside. The exterior alone! I really enjoy how the walls are kept so fresh so that you can enjoy the many installments throughout -- like those compartment areas and that flooring... we have flooring just like that stone one in the shower -- it feels amazing on the feet!

    Love your blog, by the way -- I am so happy to have found you via Twitter. Keep up the great work :)


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