Friday, August 6, 2010

An elegant yali on the Bosporus, Istanbul

Istanbul has always been one of my favorite destinations and on my last trip, while cruising the Bosporus, I was overwhelmed once again by the yali, summer houses that is, built on the shores. To tell you the truth, it was my secret wish to sneak peek into one of them. Wish came true when I came across this article in Architectural Digest about a renovated yali designed by Mica Ertegun of MAC II for her NY clients.

I must admit class and elegance go far beyond my imagination!

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  1. Το μέσα δεν με συγκηνεί - το έξω με κρατά δεμένο !! Εκεί απο το σούρουπο ώς την αυγή !!


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