A stunning house in Uruguay

Monday, July 12, 2010

I felt an instant attraction to this 19th century renovated house in Uruguay. The owners, Federico Bonom and  Cynthia Kern, both from Argentina, had originally planed to transform this 1800 m2 house into a hotel. Throughout the renovation process, however, they fell in love with the place so they finally kept it for themselves (I can't blame them!).

A bit of rustic, some romantic touches and an idea of  retro style, this mix and match outcome is far from being or.dinary and boring.

Check the floral carpet. It's painted directly on the wooden floor!

{images via mixr se}
2 comments on "A stunning house in Uruguay"
  1. It looks like something out of an Anthropologie catalog.

  2. I would have kept it for myself too! This house is really beautiful, love the bathrooms and the dining area.
    oh.. and the floral patterns too!