Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jatana Interiors

While I was renovating my home I was looking for those antique-looking tiles, those that old houses used to have and "stylish" owners rushed to take them off in the name of the modernity of the last decades. Well, today I am really pleased to bump into Jatana Interiors (thanks Lucy of The Design Files!), an australian company specialising in rare and unique antique tiles from around the world. Visit Sonya's beautiful website and blog for more tiles inspiration as well as some photos of interiors with her ethnic touch.

I love the exotic yet rustic feeling that emerges from these tiles!


  1. Modern tiles with the antique design, totally stylish. Something like these tiles will look good on my wife's antique store.

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  2. I love these stylish tile designs. They are so simple yet so elegant looking designs. I love the idea of using different styles of tiles to induce its aesthetic qualities. Perfect for my new bedroom! single mattress


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