Friday, November 21, 2014

24 ways to decorate with rosemary this holiday

24 ways to decorate with rosemary this holiday | My Paradissi

Rosemary, with its resemblance to the evergreen foliage and its probable presence in most gardens and balconies, is a great alternative to the usual holiday greens. Although many of us usually limit its use to our culinary activities, this little herb is way to precious when it comes to Christmas decorating. And, by precious, I'm not even close to suggest that it is expensive or of high maintenance but, quite on the contrary, it proves to be a dear ally to all our holiday festivities and crafts. Very easy to find and manipulate, rosemary can turn into a gorgeous wreath, play a central role on the holiday tablescape, beautify our gift wrapping and home decorations and even make adorable mini Christmas tree alternatives. As a matter of fact, I've gathered a whole lot of 24 ideas on how you can use rosemary for your holiday decorations this Christmas. Hope they get you inspired for some happy weekend crafting :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fresh styled nightstands

Fresh styled nightstand | Image by Tessa Neustadt via Apartment 34.
Image by Tessa Neustadt via Apartment 34.

Going against the chilly wintery weather, I feel deeply inspired by these freshly decorated bedrooms and the way their nightstands are styled in a casual and effortless tone. If you feel like I do, you'll find this shopping list interesting ;)

Fresh styled nightstands | My Paradissi

Shop this collection: 1.Miller duvet cover set (Wayfair, $69.28), 2.Envoy swing sconce (Schoolhouse Electric, $199), 3.Sweater knit planter (Crate&Barrel, $12.95), 4.Marble teardrop candle holder (Crate&Barrel, $6.95), 5.Handmade ceramic tray (jillrosewald, $45), 6.Glass vase (H&M, $12.95), 7.Hexagonal copper pot (Lefliving, €42), 7.Cement gray side table (CB2, $149), 8.Alexa reclaimed wood bed (West Elm, $1599+)

Fresh styled nightstand | Image by Tec Petaja via Front+Main
Image by Tec Petaja via Front+Main.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ETSY holiday gift guides

ETSY holiday gift guides | My Paradissi

In case you haven't noticed the brand new banner at the right side of the blog, I've started putting together this year's holiday gift guides! Yay! Like last year, I pick handmade and vintage favorites from Etsy, cause they are always a more unique and personal gift option, right? This time, however, I'm grouping all the gift guides in one separate page instead of posting them within the blog. The guides are actually etsy treasuries, for those familiar with the term, which means that you'll find the detailed product pages and prices in my etsy page (links are under each gift guide!). You can find all the gift guides in this page and make sure to visit often as I'll be adding a few more in the following days. If you like some help with picking a present, or have a request for a specialised gift guide, please do ask and I'll do my best to help you out!

For now, here are the links to my first 6 gift guides:

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Monday, November 17, 2014

LOVE OR NOT: Industrial kitchens

LOVE OR NOT: Industrial kitchens | My Paradissi

Industrial kitchens have some sort of a magical influence on me; although I'm not sure one would fit in my daily routine, I'd definitely love to have one in my dream home. The inox and concrete surfaces, the open shelving and exposed kitchenware, the muted hues of grays and neutrals, the often large openings and high ceilings have a deep impact on my imagination and sort of call me to start cooking asap. Quite reasonably, as everything stands in place, ready for a culinary battle, like these kitchens were made for solely one purpose, to cook.
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